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Purchasing & Corporate Card Payment Data. SIMPLE.

With the B2B Interchange Optimizer App, you can be confident that your merchants qualify for the best possible rates for all purchasing and corporate cards.


Our proprietary technology identifies the proper data fields necessary to meet the preferred Interchange categories for all major card brands with no additional prompts or data for your merchants to enter.


Did you know?

Purchasing and Corporate cards are eligible for significant savings when processed with optional enhanced Level II and Level III data.

Level II & Level III

When the B2B Interchange Optimizer App is enabled, our proprietary solution verifies that the additional Level II and Level III transaction data needed for those payments is provided during the authorization, so that your merchants receive the best possible rate.

Lower Rates & Increased Revenue

Lower your merchants’ effective rate, while increasing revenue. The B2B Interchange Optimizer App is available exclusively in the MX™ Merchant Marketplace App Store. Contact us today for more information, and additional resources, or to schedule a demo.

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